The Scrub Path
Metanoia Art

Welcome to my website!

I have a wonderful new base of operations
Darwin Northern Territory
Exciting new inspirations and a vibrant art community to support me to develop my skills.

I am very excited 

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"Red Flowers" 

Acrylic on Canvas

My promise to you:

  • Everything you see for sale on this site is lovingly created, by hand, by me.
  • Everything you see for sale on this site is absolutely unique.
  • Nothing you see for sale on this site is perfect in any way... except in it's individuality and in your joy to own and admire it.

Embracing thoughts beyond our minds present limitations or thought pattens, an integration of self into universal harmony.
A trans-formative change of heart (opinion,thought)

Meta: beyond or outside of
Noeo: perception understanding or mind

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